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The Waza of the Suio Ryu

Suio Ryu has many waza, only a portion of which are listed in the plaque above. These waza fall into several sets, only some of which are practiced in America today. Amongst those practiced in America are the following sets:

  1. Goyo - Basic offensive waza from seiza
  2. Goin - Basic defensive waza from seiza
  3. Tachi-iai - Fundamental standing waza
  4. Kuyo - Advanced seiza waza
  5. Kumi-iai - Standing techniques for paired practice
  6. Kogusoku - Paired semi-armoured grappling techniques

In addition to these sets of waza, the Suio Ryu encompasses several other forms of combat, including:

  1. Naginata-jutsu - Halberd techniques
  2. Jojutsu - Short staff techniques
  3. Kusarigama-jutsu - Chain and sickle techniques
  4. Additional sword techniques

The fascinating thing about Suio Ryu techniques is that virtually every technique, from the basic goin and goyo to the more advanced kage, can be paired with other kata to form two-person sets. This allows practitioners of the Suio Ryu to develop a good sense of timing and distance by practicing each form with a partner, and helps to develop realistic, practical technique.

For More Information

For more information, please contact:

Suio Ryu Iai Kenpo
12800 Garden Grove Blvd Suite J
Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 528-9304

Or via e-mail at info@suioryu-usa.org

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